About Us

The world is moving online and so is the education industry. Teachers can now transform their teaching experience online using many sites and apps available online to them such as:-

  • Whatsapp - for image, content, audio and video sharing
  • Google Duo - High quality small group video conferencing
  • Emails - for content sharing
  • Zoom - for virtual classrooms etc
However, when it comes to assessing students, there aren't left with many options. And those which exist, are really expensive.

So, with this intention, we have created the test preparation web application to help private tutors, institutions, schools & colleges for student assessments - Anywhere - Anytime

You can signup as an individual (if you are a single teacher) or an institution (if you have multiple teachers working)

You can then add students and group them in whatever ways possible - as morning/evening batches, 8th, 9th, 10th classes, cbse/icse/state syllabus, civil/mechanical/electrical etc.. You can also group a student into multiple groups. This helps you to have fine grained control over student management.

After adding students, you can add quizzes with necessary marks and pass marks. You can then assign the quiz to an individual or group.

Based on the start date/time and end date/time the quizzes will be made available to students when they login.
They can take the test within the duration ( which will be shown by a timer ) and upon the completion, they will be shown the result.

The admin/teacher can then see the reports of each quiz with pass/failed students.

Institution admin/teachers will have all access to all of these functionalities.

Hoping this will help you give a seamless online experience to your students.