Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who is this website for?

This web application can be used by

  • Private tuition/Tuition centres
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Home tutors

How can I sign up in this?

As of now, we provide access only to limited people.
You can sign up and we will get in touch with you to verify your account.
After verification, you can start using the website.


Is this site free to use?

You can use this application for free for 14 days as a trial.

Will I get full features during the free trial?

Yes, You will have access to full features of the web application during the trial period.

What should I do after the trial period?

After the trial period, you can switch over to a paid plan based on the number of students you have and validity.

Is there a limit for the number of exams that I can take?

There is limit for the number of exams that you can take. However that is a large number and usually that should be enough. If you need more, you can always top up with exam packs.

What is the pricing of the website?

For pricing, please get in touch with us at +9495112227


Can I add more teachers?

Yes you can if you register with us as an institution. ( not as an individual )

What features will teachers have over admin?

Teachers will have acces to pretty much every feature similar to admin, except for adding more teachers.

What reports will I have access to?

You will have access to a varitey of reports such as:-

  • all exams
  • students who attended the exam
  • students who missed the exam
  • students who failed the exam

Can I send messages to students?

Yes you can. You can send messages in the following ways

  1. Send message to everyone ( eg: new exam on coming monday)
  2. Send message to an individual student ( eg: bad performance in an exam )
  3. send message to a particular group alone ( eg: postpone exam of biology 12th icse from monday to tuesday )


What is the purpose of 'groups' in the website?

You can categorise the students into various groups for ease of conducting exams.
For example,

  • morning batch, evening batch etc ..
  • 10 th std, 12th std, 8th std etc..
  • biology 8th cbse, physics 9th icse etc..

Can I add the same student into multiple groups?

Yes you can. For example,
The same student can be in morning batch group and also in 10th biology icse group

Can I conduct exams for a particular group alone?

Yes, you can.
For this, you need to

  1. create the groups
  2. create the exam
  3. Assign the specific group to the specific exam.

Eg: You can create a group with some students called 12th physics and conduct exams only for them.


How can a student login to the website?

A student can login using the email, password and admin code given by the teacher.
If a student forgets the admin code, please talk to the concerned teacher/institution.

Why is it that some students can see exams while some cannot?

This is because the access to that quiz might be limited to certain students only. Please talk to your teacher regarding it.

Can i see my past exams?

Yes, you can see your past exam performances.
For this, go to the 'My Exams' section.